What is Digital Signage?

  • It is content that is remotely managed and distributed via the internet to HD flat screen monitors placed in public locations for the purpose of communicating information.
  • It is the fastest growing segment in advertising.
  • It has the highest Brand Recall of any medium.
  • It captures the most attention of any medium (click to view larger image).

Digital Menu Boards

It costs less to sell more to an existing customer, Than it does to find a new one.

How do you do it?
  1. First, tell them what you’ve got.
  2. Make a compelling offer.
  3. Use a digital menu board.

Is a Digital Menu Board right for you?
If you are a business where your customers come to you, then a digital menu board may be what you need to grow your business.

  • Perfect for bars and restaurants.
  • Great for retailers.
  • Banking industry.
  • Businesses with waiting rooms.

Marketing 101

Before you:
  • Rush to the internet for marketing,
  • Start using Social Media,
  • Start using other tactics, and
  • Start wasting your money . . . .
Learn the Marketing Basics

Marketing 101 is all about the basic principals that are the foundation of any type of marketing.

If you have the wrong value proposition, targeted at the wrong target segment, with the wrong positioning, no amount of Advertising, Social Media, or Google Ad Words will save you.

Marketing 101 is a unique program that will help you:

Get the right message

To the right prospects

Using the right words