Digital Menu Boards

It costs less to sell more to an existing customer
Than it does to find a new one.

Our unique services include, at No Charge to you . . . . . . .

You control the content
Advertise from your Website


Instant Messaging
We can pick up RSS Feeds

twitterTweets are RSS feeds. We can program your Twitter address to the screen so your Tweets appear in real time.

Get your business info into a customer’s phone
Our screens are Interactive

widget3-barcodeRun a QR code; Scanable by a smart phone

How do you do it?

  1. First, tell them what you’ve got
  2. Make a compelling offer
  3. Use a digital menu board

Who should have a Digital Menu Board?

  • If you are a business where your customers come to you, then a digital menu board may be what you need to grow your business
  • Perfect for bars and restaurants
  • Great for retailers
  • Banking industry (already has substantial penetration)
  • Businesses with waiting rooms

What is a Digital Menu Board?
It is an HD flat screen placed in a highly visible location inside your business. You own 100% of the air time to promote your products and services to your customers.

How will it help me grow my business?

  • Most businesses fall into the 80/20 rule. That is that 80% of your sales and profit comes from 20% of your products
  • Let your customers know about the other 80% of your products
  • If you could sell one more product to just 10% of your customers, that revenue would drop right to the bottom line

Is it expensive?
No. There is a small one time installation charge and then a low monthly fee. The monthly fee covers:

  • Creative services to create the initial content, called a playlist. This is a huge value as we do not charge for creative services
  • Monthly changes to make changes or add to the playlist. Also a huge value
  • Content management – we make sure the playlist is current and manage the playlist for you
  • Network and IT maintenance – simply put, we keep the system running

What we provide:

  • A dedicated digital signage computer that allows us to address the screen
  • The mounting bracket and installation
  • The software for access to our digital signage network servers
  • The creative services needed to develop your specific content
  • Changes each month to your playlist

What you provide:

  • The HD screen (minimum requirement is a PC (VGA) input)
  • Access to your internet
  • The copy, logos, and images you wish to use in your ads